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Patient Stories

  • Chris

    Chris Stone is a lifelong Utah resident who has found healing through medical cannabis and sharing his story with others.

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  • Dylan

    Dylan's passion for life was buried by the heartbreaking side effects of opioids and benzos after serving as an infantry marine put a lot of stress on his body. Dylan was awarded a purple heart for his sacrifices and honorably discharged from the military. Following his retirement, Dylan’s perspective of pain management & wellbeing grew as he was able to experiment with alternative healing methods. 

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  • Susan Jane

    After a life changing car accident and multiple medical procedures, using pain medications became a familiar routine for Susan Jane. The addictive properties of opioids she was prescribed made a life without consistent drug use seem unattainable. Cannabis being legalized in Utah offered the patient a more holistic way to heal.

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  • Brandon

    After suffering a severe car accident at age 25, lifelong Utah resident Brandon Voorhees found himself with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that would alter his life forever. Over the past 17 years, Brandon has experienced how medical cannabis can be used to improve his condition. 

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  • Vern

    Vern Tooley lived a passionate, creative life before an unexpected event changed his life forever. Ten years ago, Vern experienced a nightmare that no young adult should have to live through.

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  • Jennifer

    Due to long-lasting health complications, Jennifer has dedicated most of her adult life to learning about natural medicine. The patient made a personal decision early in her wellness journey that she would not surrender to traditional medical treatment. She has discovered a passion for using cannabis to heal while helping others do the same. 

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  • Tommy

    For the past 11 years Tommy Graydon has experienced extreme hardship, change, growth, and opportunity. Tommy is a U.S. Military veteran, a retired firefighter, a recovered opioid addict, a newly discovered artist, and a proud patient at WholesomeCo.

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  • Matthew

    Matthew began his sobriety journey in 2020, nearly two decades after his dependency on pain medications became uncontrollable. After Matthew’s mind was opened to the possible benefits of cannabis, his life changed for the better.

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  • Raechel

    Rachael Depew was desperate for relief when her cannabis journey began. Endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and multiple mental health conditions had nearly taken over her life before she found a healing strategy that worked.

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