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Understanding Medical Cannabis

Everything you need to know about medical cannabis in Utah.

Cannabis 101

  • Qualifying Conditions in Utah

    A list of the medical conditions approved for medical cannabis in Utah

  • Cannabis Consumption Methods

    The various ways patients can consume cannabis in Utah, and what to expect with each method

  • Cannabis 101 Booklet

    Download our PDF guide

  • The Patient Benefits of Low THC Flower

    Should you try lower THC flower for your health needs? Here's what you need to know.

  • Cannabis Terpenes: What You Need to Know

    Get all your questions answered about Terpenes here.

  • How To Stop Being High: 10 Tips for Coming Down

    Here are 10 Tips to help you out if you get in that situation of being a little too high.

  • What Are Medical Cannabis Edibles and Why Should I Take Them?

    Here is the 411 on what edibles are and how you can best consume them for your unique needs. 

  • Vape 101: What you need to know before choosing vapes for cannabis consumption

    Read here for a deep dive on vape so you can decide if it's right for you.

  • Delta-8: What Patients Need to Know

    Here are all the basics about Delta 8 THC, why some people prefer it, and how to consume it safely.


  • How Cannabis Can Help Your Anxiety

    Learn how cannabis could be a viable alternative to treat anxiety symptoms. 

  • Cannabis and PTSD: What You Need to Know

    Learn how medical cannabis can help with treating PTSD.

  • Can Cannabis Help With Nausea?

    Medical cannabis can help to suppress nausea and sometimes even address the underlying issues that may be causing it.

  • How Cannabis Can Help with Pain

    Learn how cannabis treats chronic pain and neuropathy, and the best way to use cannabis for pain relief.

  • Cannabis and Cancer: A Patient’s Guide

    Medical cannabis can help with symptoms and treatment side effects, including pain & nausea.

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