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Top Benefits of Cannabis Ratio Products

January 7th, 2022

What is a ratio cannabis product? 

A cannabis ratio is used to compare the different cannabinoid amounts in a certain product. Each cannabinoid compound found within cannabis has specific effects on the human body. CBD may bring calm and relaxing effects while THC is associated with a psychoactive high. By utilizing the different cannabinoids, specific conditions and needs can be addressed. 

Breaking down the numbers

A 1:1 ratio product contains equal parts CBD to THC, and a 1:2 THC to CBD contains one part THC for every two parts CBD. Ratios can also show the relationship between more than two measurements. An example of this would be a product containing 200mg THC, 200mg CBG, and 2,000mg CBD labeled as 1:1:10 THC:CBG:CBD. Checking product labels is important because ratio numbers do not always translate to the milligrams of cannabinoids in a product. 

More healing, less high

One advantage of using ratio products is the freedom to experience the healing properties of cannabis without the cognitive high. Using products with higher levels of cannabinoids other than THC allows for patients to go about their daily lives with a clear mind. This can be a great option for patients who benefit from the physical effects of cannabis during the day when drowsiness or obscured thinking is not desired. These effects can be found in products containing a higher concentrate of CBD or CBG compared to THC. 

Creating a more specific treatment plan 

When it comes to using cannabis medicinally, ratio products are important to a patient's individual treatment plan. Although cannabis has the stigma of being a recreational drug used to get high, there is more to the substance than THC content. Incorporating additional cannabinoids to the regime could be compared to taking more specific medications for a particular condition. For example, THC can help reduce negative thoughts and feelings while CBG may act as anti-inflammatory. CBD is often used to alleviate pain and inflammation while also decreasing anxiety caused by THC. Using a combination of cannabinoids provides additional health benefits in one product, compared to only one working independently. 

Explanation of ratio products & their effects


1:2, 1:4, 1:5 THC:CBD or THC:CBG

1:10 THC:CBD 

Overall, knowing how different ratios may treat individual desires and conditions can be beneficial to a patient's healing and wellness. Schedule a consult with our pharmacy team to explore how ratio products could benefit you. Shop ratio products and more here. 

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