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The Patient Benefits of Low THC Flower

January 7th, 2022

A lot has changed in the cannabis world, including many more people in Utah who now have access to legal, medical cannabis. There are many types of medical cannabis products available, including options for “low THC” medical cannabis flower. Should you try low THC for your health needs? Here is everything you need to know to make a good decision about this type of cannabis in the Beehive state. 

What is low THC cannabis flower? 

“Low THC lower” is loosely defined as cannabis flower that is between 8-15% THC. THC percentages vary depending on strain and brand. Also, keep in mind that strains which hover closer to the 15% THC level are more likely to be labeled as “mid-range THC” versus “low THC.” 

Research around the health benefits of low THC cannabis strains is just beginning. Anecdotal evidence and beginning research suggest, however, that these strains can provide just as much—if not more—relief than high THC strains in many cases. 

Some examples of low THC flower strains available at WholesomeCo, a dispensary in Utah include Mai Thai Mint and Triple Chocolate Chip. These strains contain THC percentages that are lower than 15%. 

Why would I want to use low THC cannabis? 

One of the biggest changes that has happened with cannabis over the last two decades is that cultivators and manufacturers are developing strains with more THC content than ever before. The percentage of THC included in what nowadays is called “low THC” is about the same as was typical in most cannabis strains twenty years ago. In addition, the overall cannabinoid ratios found in low THC cannabis are actually closer to what they may look like when a plant is simply allowed to grow in nature. 

Why is this important? According to research, a person will get the best healing effects from a cannabis product that takes the most advantage of what is called the “entourage effect.” This is the healing phenomenon that occurs when all of the phytonutrients (including cannabinoids and terpenes) within a cannabis product work together synergistically. (1)  

Cannabis that contains more moderate (low to mid-range) amounts of THC may actually allow you to benefit more from all of the phytonutrients in cannabis. This can mean more targeted help for nausea, sleep issues, neurological conditions, stress-related conditions, and overall pain.

Higher THC doesn’t mean higher potency

Many people are getting the wrong message when it comes to higher potency THC strains. 

The thinking is that high THC equates to higher potency on all levels. However, new investigations are proving that this may not be the case. Researchers involved with a new study at the University of Colorado found that THC content alone is not a good indication of potency. Surprisingly, they also found that high THC strains don’t actually produce more psychoactive effects when compared to medium-range THC strains. 

The research team at U of C Boulder’s Institute of Cognitive Science followed over 120 cannabis users. Half of them were given THC extracts (70% or 90% THC) while the other half were given cannabis flower that contained roughly 16% or 24% THC. Based on measurements of blood, mood, cognitive function, and intoxication indications, all reported roughly the same amounts of “highness” across the board. (2)  

How fast and how long (as well as how intensely) THC affects you will be determined by your unique body makeup. Cannabis’ effects are also determined by the overall phytonutrient composition of the particular plant you are consuming. 

The Colorado researchers concluded that their results were an example of the “entourage effect” at work. In other words, there are many other factors besides THC that make up the overall performance of the medical cannabis you purchase through your Utah dispensary

The advantages of low THC high CBD cannabis 

In a nutshell, less THC in a plant equates to more room for other cannabinoids to play a major role in your health. As we mentioned above, there are literally hundreds of different phytonutrients found in a single cannabis plant. 

Cannabis terpenes play a huge part in cannabis’ overall effect. So do the dozens of other cannabinoids present in medical cannabis besides THC. Cannabidiol, or CBD, tops this list, with its known health benefits for lowering inflammation, reducing pain, helping brain health, and so much more. 

Other cannabinoids must not be ignored, however. For example, CBG is known for helping with mood regulation, inflammation, and pain. According to research, CBN can be especially beneficial as a sleep aid and also for joint pain associated with fibromyalgia. It may also play an antibacterial role in the body. (3) 

And while research has shown that there may not be a difference in psychoactive effects between mid-range and high THC cannabis strains, those who opt for strains with lower THC amounts (i.e., strains that are closer to 8% THC) will more than likely notice a slightly lesser high. Couple this with higher amounts of CBD, and low THC high CBD strains may be the perfect solution for individuals who want to maintain a clear head but at the same time take advantage of all of the known benefits of cannabinoids.  

What about low THC in Utah? 

In compliance with Utah dispensary laws and regulations, WholesomeCo provides low THC cannabis flower for purchase in amounts up to 7 ounces. Some low-THC strains that we have available regularly in either 3.5 or 7-gram jars include Riesling and Blue Dream. 

There are over 40,000 registered, card-carrying medical cannabis patients with qualifying conditions in the state of Utah. WholesomeCo services the majority of the state. We provide low THC varieties and strains, such as Riesling, Blue Dream, and Triple Chocolate chip, as well as high THC strains such as Ice Cream Cake and Sherb Crasher 6 via in-store purchase, pickup or delivery. 

Our cannabis delivery service is widespread throughout Utah and registration in the program can be completed almost instantaneously. Odds are, we can deliver to your door wherever you are in the Beehive state!

How can I find out more about low THC cannabis flower? 

The best thing to do if you are considering low THC cannabis flower for your unique health needs is to make an appointment with one of our licensed pharmacists. Our pharmacists are all Doctorate level practicing professionals. This means that they have experience and knowledge in pharmaceutical drugs as well as being thoroughly trained in cannabinoid therapy. 

You can sign up for a FREE initial consultation here. Most people are able to speak to a medical cannabis pharmacist within 24 hours to get the assistance they need!




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