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Cannabis Night School

Episode 1 

WholesomeCo and the Utah Patients Coalition invite you to join the first class of Cannabis Night School. Industry professionals answer questions for patients ready to start, or those who have already begun, their medical marijuana journey. 

Topics: Prop 2 in Utah, Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Cannabis Card, How Conditions can be Managed, Pharmacist Consultations, How to Become a Patient or Patient Caregiver, Compassionate Use Board, Question and Answer. 


Episode 2

Join WholesomeCo and Utah Patient's Coalition for the second class of Cannabis Night School. This episode discusses the rights you have as a patient. Community members and industry professionals educate patients on how to be law-abiding cannabis users in the State of Utah. Although medical cannabis remains federally illegal, this episode educates users about the ways to protect themselves if they are found in a situation involving Utah law enforcement. 

Topics: Compliance, Purchasing Limits, Judicial Protections (Cannabis in the Workplace, Child Custody, Landlords), Interactions with Law Enforcement, Record Keeping, Owning a Firearm/Concealed Carry. 


Episode 3 

Join us for Class #3 of Cannabis Night School presented by WholesomeCo in partnership with Utah Patients Coalition and Standard Wellness Company. This episode helps medical cannabis patients understand methods of consumption and the options available in the state of Utah. 

Topics: Consuming Cannabis, Methods allowed in Utah, How Products are Created, Proper Dosages, Cannabis Inhalation, Cannabis Vaporization, Oral Mucosal. 


Episode 4

Cannabis Night School Class #4 is all about how cannabis interacts with our bodies! WholesomeCo, in partnership with Utah Patients Coalition, educates patients on the Endocannabinoid System and how our bodies process medical cannabis. 

Topics: The Endocannabinoid System, Phytocannabinoids, Effects of Terpenes, The Entourage Effect, Cannabis Varieties (Indica, Sativa, Hybrids) 


Episode 5

Cannabis Night School Class #5 focuses on how cannabis can potentially help patients with cancer manage their symptoms and areas of research on this topic. We also cover resources for testing and early detection and the importance of breast cancer awareness. 

Topics: How cannabis can help manage side-effects of cancer treatment, Importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Product recommendations, Patient populations


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