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How to get a Medical Cannabis Card in Utah

January 7th, 2022

I need medical cannabis, where do I start? 

You have come to the right place! 

Since you found the dispensary in Utah, WholesomeCo, obtaining medical cannabis can be easy. We service 99% of Utah’s medical cannabis community and have door-to-door delivery to most areas of the state. What’s more, we have a team of extremely helpful professional pharmacists here to serve you. 

To get started, let’s focus on the 5 basic steps to getting medical cannabis for your unique needs. 

#1 Connect with a Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) to see if your condition is eligible. 

The first step to obtaining medical cannabis in Utah is connecting with a Qualified Medical Practitioner, or “QMP.” A QMP will help you determine if your medical connection is eligible for medical cannabis. 

The Medical Cannabis program in Utah is unique. It is not difficult to obtain a card, but there are strict regulations for what conditions are considered eligible for medical cannabis use. Odds are, you already know the specific condition you would like to use medical cannabis for. Of the over 40,000 state citizens that have obtained a card, a large percentage use medical cannabis for chronic pain. Chronic pain is also described by the Utah Department of Health Cannabis Review board as pain that “has lasted more than two weeks and cannot be managed by other means.” This kind of pain is considered a medical cannabis-eligible condition. 

Other conditions that are legally eligible include: 

A “QMP” can be a regular MD, an osteopathic physician (DO), an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), or a Physicians Assistant (PA). Every Utah-licensed MD, DO, APRN, PA or DPM with a controlled substance license also has the ability to prescribe 15 medical cards through the LMP program, so be sure to ask your provider!

You can review the list of Utah Qualified Medical Providers and determine the closest one to you HERE. Once at your QMP appointment, he or she may suggest a specific eligible condition for you. 

You may also utilize the Utah Department of Health’s new Medical Cannabis Visit Cost tool to find a provider near you and compare costs:

#2 Register with the state of Utah’s Medical Cannabis Program. 

Once you have met with a QMP and have determined your qualifying condition, you will need to fill out an application with the Utah Medical Cannabis Program, run by the Utah Department of Health. This is an important step in the overall process since it will allow you to obtain the actual card and purchase products at your favorite Utah dispensary

#3 Pay the Medical Cannabis Card Application Fee with the State of Utah. 

Once you have filled out your patient application and have created a profile, then your QMP can go into your profile and put in his or her recommendation. 

Then it is time for the final step with the state: paying the fee. To do this, you simply go back into your profile and follow the prompts to pay the fee online. A new patient card will cost $15 and will last one year. Other types of cards include a provisional patient card, (for minors under 18 years of age), a guardian card, and a caregiver card. Additional approvals and fees may apply for these types of cards as well as for card renewals. Be sure to talk to your QMP or go to the Utah Medical Cannabis Program FAQ page for more information. 

Once you pay the fee, your application with the state is complete and will be submitted to the Utah Department of Health. You should get your State of Utah Medical Cannabis card about two weeks or less after submitting your application and paying the fee. 

#4 Registering with WholesomeCo

Once you have your medical cannabis card, the rest is easy! 

You are now ready to connect with WholesomeCo to purchase product. We simply need to verify your medical records with the state, and we can do that once you have set up your WholesomeCo account. 

You can set up your new Wholesome account HERE. It only takes a few minutes so you should be verified and ready to purchase products in no time! 

Once your medical status has been verified, you can shop our online menu for convenient delivery or pickup options. 

#5 Place your order and choose pickup or delivery. 

You can also choose whether you want to pick up your products or have them delivered conveniently to your door. We service 99% of the legal medical cannabis card-carrying population. Odds are that we are able to deliver to your door the same day or the next day. To find out if we deliver to your area, you can check our Delivery Locations List HERE

Whether you decide on pick up, in-store shopping, or delivery, you will need to show your state ID as well as your medical cannabis card in order to get your product. 

Not sure what products to get?

Getting into the swing of legally using medical cannabis for your unique medical needs can be complicated, especially when it comes to all the options you have at your disposal in terms of products! 

First of all, keep in mind that, in the state of Utah, there are specific legal consumption methods. These include: 

If you still have questions, want to know more about consumption methods, or just need some concrete answers about your particular medical condition and how cannabis can help you, be sure to reach out to our helpful, professional pharmacists. You can schedule an appointment HERE. Most inquiries lead to an appointment within 24 hours! 

Getting a medical cannabis card in Utah is easy! 

…if you know the steps, that is! We hope this “Quick and Easy” guide has provided you with all you need in getting started on your medical cannabis journey. If you experience any snags along the way or have a unique situation, the Utah Medical Cannabis Program FAQ link may just be the resource you need to answer your question. 

And remember, our Doctorate-level pharmacists are just a click away

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