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How our Medical Professionals Differ from a Traditional Pharmacist

A typical trip to the drugstore pharmacy can be a quick and convenient errand on your to-do list, but usually there is little to no actual interaction with the pharmacist preparing your medications. Unless you have specific questions, picking up prescriptions from a traditional pharmacist is a very transactional process. Even after consultations with doctors, this method of providing medication sometimes leaves patients confused about what they are receiving and what effects it will have on their bodies. After all, our bodies are unique and deserve specific attention, knowledge, and understanding- all qualities possessed by our pharmacists at WholesomeCo, a dispensary in Utah

Can you trust a Medical Cannabis Pharmacist? 

Medical Cannabis Pharmacists make the process of receiving medical products more consultative and unique to the individual. Our Pharmacists at WholesomeCo can help you understand if cannabis is right for you, explain interactions with other drugs, and help you begin your medical cannabis journey. Cannabis Pharmacists in the state of Utah typically have professional Doctorate of Pharmacy degrees, and many have over 20 years of clinical experience. After learning about your background and medical history, the pharmacist will be able to prescribe a product best fit to meet your individual needs. 

What makes our Pharmacy special? 

Our pharmacy is full of friendly faces within a comfortable environment. Not able to visit us in person? No problem. Our pharmacists offer virtual consultations from the comfort of your home. We provide quality products from our own cultivation- along with those from top brands. Our pharmacy also offers a convenient delivery service to most areas throughout the state of Utah. We are currently working on expanding delivery options, but our in-store pickup and drive-thru options are open 7 days a week. 

Don’t know where to start? 

If you are experiencing any qualifying medical conditions approved by the state of Utah, you are qualified to obtain a Medical Cannabis Card. This allows you to buy products suggested by our Cannabis Pharmacists at WholesomeCo. Our pharmacists can help you decide if using cannabis is the right option for your qualifying condition, and can assist in the first steps towards getting a medical card. 

Interested in a Free Consultation? 

Our medical professionals are available anytime to answer questions, give recommendations, or provide advice relating to your experiences with cannabis. Appointments with our pharmacists can usually be made within 24 hours. Patients have the option to schedule an in-person or virtual visit with a pharmacist at WholesomeCo, free of charge. Think cannabis may be right for you? Start your wholesome journey to wellness by scheduling a free consultation using the steps below. 

How it Works: 

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation 

Choose a convenient time to chat in person or virtually with one of our pharmacists. 

Talk to one of our Pharmacists

They can answer questions such as qualifying medical conditions, effective products, and consumption methods. 

Follow Up

If you are interested in obtaining your medical cannabis card (required in the state of Utah), we will help you start the process. 

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