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Staff Favorite Vape Cartridges - September 2021

With so many great vape cart options in Utah, we thought we’d highlight a couple that are staff favorites here at WholesomeCo, a dispensary in Utah. Read on for our top vape cart picks for this September. 

Tryke Khalifa Kush Vape Cartridge - Hybrid

Kk Smaller

This vape cart is a best-seller and top staff pick at WholesomeCo. 

Here’s what Richard, GM at WholesomeCo had to say about this hybrid strain: 

"It has great flavor, you can really taste the limonene terpene and it produces a very happy effect. After taking 2-4 puffs of the Khalifa Kush vape, your anxiety & stress seem to disappear and this cartridge can turn any bad day into a great day real quick. Also, the heavy gold tip on the Khalifa Kush cartridge hardware is reliable and sturdy. This cartridge never lets you down and is a favorite of the patients at WholesomeCo." 

Here’s a glowing review from Harrison, Inventory Management Specialist at WholesomeCo

“I have been able to come off a handful of medications by using the Khalifa Kush cartridge.”

“With this cart, you can be high-functioning on a busy day, while getting relief from anxiety or stress. I also am able to use it to wind down at night for sleep if I need to since it’s a hybrid. I notice that it can be good at sedating, or energizing for daytime use based on a patient's mental mindset. I haven’t found many other strains that work as well as this one.” 

Jilu Premium Forbidden Fruit Vape Cartridge - Nighttime

Smaller Jilu

With a 1:1 THC:CBG ratio, this is a top pick for Kylee, our head pharmacist, since CBG is her favorite cannabinoid. 

Here’s what Kylee had to say about this product:

“This is my favorite cart because it is 1:1 THC:CBG, which I love for pain and inflammation, and it’s wonderful for mood stabilizing. It elevates the mood while also being relaxing. This is a great choice for in the evening, or even right before bed.”

Zion Cultivars Mimosa Vape Cartridge - Hybrid

Smaller Mimosa

Exclusive to WholesomeCo, this vape cart is a hybrid strain known as “Purple mimosa”, which is a cross of Clementine and Purple punch.

Here's what Pedro, Pharmacy Agent at WholesomeCo, had to say about this staff favorite after using it: 

"The euphoric effects hit immediately with instant relaxation throughout the mind. Just a couple of minutes after taking a couple of hits from the cartridge, I felt really happy with heavy eyelids followed by slight relaxation throughout the body. This cart had a citrusy taste like orange candy. I'd recommend this product for anyone looking for relaxation and calm, using a convenient and quick-onset method of consumption."

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