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Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

At WholesomeCo, we recognize that our ability to provide patients with medical cannabis relies on a healthy planet. Sustainability has been built into the core of our operations, yet we are humbled by how much we can improve and will continue to challenge ourselves to do more.

Our pharmacy strives to maintain awareness through each step of our production practices, from cultivation to delivery. We continue to challenge ourselves within the cannabis industry and are excited to honor our planet through additional practices in the future. Keep reading to learn more about our current sustainability initiatives!


A truly sustainable operation starts with how cannabis is grown. WholesomeCo currently uses a hybrid system that harnesses power from the sun. This method requires less artificial lighting and energy overall. We have also welcomed beneficial bugs onto our team to help naturally combat harmful pests. In order to fully implement organic practices, WholesomeCo will begin cultivating flower outdoors using native soil in the near future. 

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WholesomeCo takes a sustainability-first approach when it comes to the packaging materials we use. With our flower being sold in jars that are made with over 50% recycled glass, it only made sense to incorporate glass recycling into our own facilities. To help reduce waste, WholesomeCo rewards patients with store credit as an incentive to recycle jars and reuse packaging. 

Our flower jar recycling program offers patients a $.25 credit when any flower jar is recycled at our pharmacy. Additionally, Wholesome gives $.50 to patients who use reusable bags for their product purchases. Learn more about these programs here. 

WholesomeCo uses HiSierra exit bags made from plant-derived materials in a 100% wind powered facility. The bags provide our pharmacy and its patients with a fully recyclable and child safe packaging. To learn more about our sustainable product packaging, check out our blog post ‘How WholesomeCo is Keeping Cannabis Green’. 


The last step before our patients receive their medicine often includes delivering it to their door. Our cannabis delivery service in Utah utilizes hybrid vehicles to minimize environmental impacts while drivers travel across the entire state. Patients also receive products concealed in discreet, eco-friendly boxes made of recycled materials that are 100% recyclable. The boxes can also be reused for storage, gifting, organization, and many other ways for those who enjoy reuse-practices.


WholesomeCo is proud of the sustainable habits we already incorporate from seed to sale. As our environmental consciousness continues to expand, we are excited to adopt new initiatives that help us protect the planet.  

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