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Grape Ape by Pure Plan
Pure Plan

Grape Ape — 1 gr Vape Cart

$90.00/1 gr

About this product

Grape Ape, propagated by Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, is a mostly indica strain that crosses Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani. Named for its distinct grape-like smell, this indica is known for providing carefree relaxation that can help soothe pain, stress, and anxiety.
Source: Leafly

About this strain

Grape Ape is an excellent nighttime strain with powerful sedating effects. Users report relief from chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and stress. The dominant terpenes is Myrcene, which delivers a sweet grape and berry-like flavor profile.

Strain TypeIndica
Total THC87.68% THC
Total CBD1.73% CBD

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