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  • 1:5 THC:CBD Peppermint Tincture by Zion

1:5 THC:CBD Peppermint Tincture Tincture —Peppermint

375 mg THC2,260 mg CBD103 mg CBG27 mg CBN

Product details

Total THC375 mg
Total CBD2,260 mg
Total CBC183 mg
Total CBG103 mg
Total CBN27 mg
Total CBDV35.4 mg
Lot Expiration10/28/2023

About Tinctures

Tinctures use an alcohol base to create a highly concentrated liquid cannabis extract. Tinctures are best absorbed under the tongue where they can easily enter the bloodstream. Liquid droppers are used to dose the amount of cannabis being consumed. The effects from tinctures are felt quicker than edibles, but not as quick as inhalation and it is best to avoid eating or drinking for 10 minutes following administration. New patients are advised to start with a small amount (0.1ml-0.25ml) and increase dosage every 3 days until desired effects are felt.

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