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  • Glueberry by Moxie

Glueberry – 1 gr Cured Resin Badder

Hybrid67.71% THC3.19% CBG

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Product details

Moxie's newest concentrate category; Zombie Resin. Zombie Resin is a combination of Live and Cured Inputs. Cured Resin is the same process, except for the inputs. Instead of Fresh Frozen Flower, dried trim is used. 80:20 ratio of Live:Cured

Dominant Terpenes

  • β-Caryophyllene

    22.27 mg/g

  • Humulene

    8.33 mg/g

  • Limonene

    6.51 mg/g

  • β-Myrcene

    2.82 mg/g

  • Bisabolol

    2.06 mg/g


Strain TypeHybrid
Total THC67.71% (677.13 mg)
Total CBD0.18% (1.81 mg)
Total CBG3.19% (31.93 mg)

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