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  • 5 (v3) Dab Pen by Utillian
  • 5 (v3) Dab Pen by Utillian
  • 5 (v3) Dab Pen by Utillian
  • 5 (v3) Dab Pen by Utillian

5 (v3) Dab Pen – Titanium Gold


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Product description

In the market for an on the go concentrate device? The Utillian 5 wax vaporizer is able to make quick work of a multitude of extracts providing the closest experience to a traditional rig you can find in a wax pen. Comfortably fits 0.3g of concentrate. German engineered.

The Utillian 5 v3 now comes with the all-new Utillian Heating Element that sports a more premium ceramic mouthpiece, integrated splash guard, and a loading tool for scooping and loading concentrate straight into the atomizer.

Variable Voltage:
The Utillian 5 v3 features 4 voltage settings giving you tons of flexibility over your wax session. If you are looking for better flavor and thinner vapor, the lowest 2 settings are recommended. If you are looking for some serious clouds the top 2 heating settings on the Utillian 5 have you covered. 2.2V | 2.4V | 2.6V | 2.8V

2 Different Coils:
Jumbo Twisted Kanthal Coil
-The included Jumbo Twisted Kanthal coil is extremely versatile. Capable of handling both large and small loads of concentrates, the 4mm coil has tons of service area for maximum vaporization. The kanthal coil is twisted around a black ceramic coil for superior wicking.
Triple Titanium Coil
-The triple titanium coil is geared towards heavy hitters and large loads. 3 coils provide a substantial amount of heat and surface area to make quick work of even larger loads of wax.

The Utillian 5 has an impressive 1500mah battery that drives the device. This is double the capacity of other popular wax pens giving you plenty of battery life to work with. The Utillian 5 charges via USB for easy top ups when your power is running low.

What’s Included:
-Utillian 5 v3 Portable Concentrate Vaporizer - Titanium Gold x 1
-Twisted Kanthal Coil x 1
-Triple Titanium Coil x 1
-USB Charging Cable x 1

Dab pens are most comparable to THC oil vapes in size. Patients can choose from a version with exposed coils, where you inhale on the mouthpiece and apply the coil directly to the concentrate, referred to as a nectar collector. Both versions utilize a battery typically encased in stainless steel. The second version uses a tank or bowl as the heating element. Where a cartridge would typically be attached, a tank or bowl connects. They are typically empty and require what is called a dab tool for easiest loading of the concentrate into the device.

Portable electronic rigs are, naturally, most comparable to dab rigs – but without the use of a blow torch! A portable rig has a water filtration system in it to provide dabs as smooth and flavorful as a traditional dab rig. E-rigs go a step further from dab pens that use colored temperature settings; portable dab rigs, instead, use price temperatures.

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