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WholesomeCo Rewards

Earn rewards dollars on every purchase

Get 6% back when you buy WholesomeCo products, 3% back on everything else.

Shop now and earn

How it works


Register as a patient and browse our menu to get started. You'll earn rewards dollars on all of your favorite products.


Place your order and earn rewards dollars. Your rewards dollars will be issued in account credit when your order is picked up or delivered.


Your rewards dollars will be available at checkout to use on future purchases. You can redeem them like cash. It's that simple.


Earn dollars,
not complicated points

We believe simple is better, and that most loyalty programs are intentionally complicated. With WholesomeCo Rewards, you'll see clear and simple % back values as you shop.


Redeem like cash
at checkout

You can redeem your rewards dollars like cash at checkout. There’s no complicated points conversion or tiered restrictions to keep track of.

Earn fast on your favorite brands

6% back

3% back

3% back

3% back

3% back

3% back

3% back

... and more

Shop now to start earning rewards dollars

All you need is a WholesomeCo account.

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WholesomeCo Rewards FAQs

How are WholesomeCo Rewards earned?

You'll automatically earn rewards as you shop. All you need is a WholesomeCo account.

How much do I earn on each purchase?

You'll earn 6% back on WholesomeCo products and 3% back on all other brands we carry.

How are rewards dollars calculated?

Rewards dollars are calculated post discount and pre taxes/fees. You'll earn a % back of what you paid for each item.

How are rewards dollars issued?

Rewards dollars will be automatically issued in the form of account credit when your order is picked up or delivered.

How do I redeem my rewards dollars?

You can redeem rewards dollars like cash at checkout. You will see your current balance and can input any amount you'd like to redeem up to the balance.

Can I use my rewards dollars to purchase any product?

Yes, rewards dollars are redeemed like cash at checkout. There are no complicated restrictions.

Where can I see my WholesomeCo Rewards balance?

You can see your WholesomeCo Rewards balance in your account at

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