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Becoming a patient

How to get your medical cannabis card in Utah

Find a QMP

1. Meet with a QMP

Meet in person with a qualified medical provider (QMP) to discuss if medical cannabis is right for you. Your QMP will perform an assessment and determine if your medical condition is one of the approved qualifying conditions and will benefit from medical cannabis treatment.

2. Register with the state

To obtain your medical cannabis card, create a Utah ID account at id.utah.gov. Once you’re logged in you’ll see links to start your medical cannabis application.

After submitting your online application, your QMP will log in to the EVS and issue your recommendation, then you’ll return to the EVS to pay your application fee.

The Utah Department of Health will review your application to make sure all requirements are met. The review takes 15 days or less.

3. Schedule your first-purchase consultation

First-time patients are required to schedule a consultation with one of our pharmacists. We’ll answer any questions and help you select the best cannabis products and consumption methods to achieve your individual treatment goals. You can choose to do the consultation in-person at our pharmacy or via video conference before coming in.