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WholesomeCo Staff Favorites - November 2021

Our team at WholesomeCo, a dispensary in Utah, has narrowed down their favorite products across a variety of medical cannabis options. From products to hardware, here are their top recommendations this Fall. 

Favorite Vape Cartridge: Select Elite Jack Herer 

Select Jack Herer

WholesomeCo pharmacy agent, Toni, selected a popular strain, Jack Herer, as her favorite vape cartridge. Jack Herer, named after a longtime local cannabis activist and medical user, is generally a cross between Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. Toni suggests this product to patients looking for a high energy strain great for daytime use. Toni also recommends Jack Herer for its long-lasting focusing effects. The dominant terpene Terpinolene combined with Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene delivers hints of pine and trees with floral and herbal flavors.

Favorite Gummy: Boojum Berry Down

Boojum Berry down 1080 720 Sml

Pharmacy agents Anni, Toni, and Tori love Boojum’s Berry Down gummies. These gummies combine full-spectrum cannabis oil with terpenes of Myrcene and Terpineol. Our staff members recommend Berry Down edibles for promoting sleep and treating pain, especially because they give an extended-release feel. They also love the fact that these gummies are Vegan! 

Favorite Concentrate: Standard Wellness's M.A.C.

The Solid 1080 720

Alyssa, a pharmacy agent at Wholesome shares her favorite cannabis concentrate, M.A.C., also known as 'Miracle Alien Cookies'. M.A.C. is a hybrid strain, generally a cross between Alien Cookies, Columbian and Starfighter. Alyssa recommends this product for its uplifting and energizing effects. The strain is also known to treat pain and help relieve nausea. With the dominant terpene being Limonene, Miracle Alien Cookies gives notes of orange accompanied by earthy floral flavors. 

Favorite Topical: Jilu Everything Balm

Jilu Balm 1080 720

Topical cannabis products are a great way to treat muscle and joint pain in specific parts of the body. Our pharmacy Tori recommends Everything Balm by Jilu. Tori loves how a little of this product goes a long way and the effects are fast-acting.

Favorite Hardware: Volcano Vaporizer 

Volcano 1080 720

Behind many cannabis products are the hardware systems that allow cannabis to be consumed by patients. WholesomeCo pharmacy agent, Alyssa, shares her favorite cannabis consuming method, which is a Volcano vaporizer. Although it is an expensive investment, Alyssa recommends the product for its efficiency and minimal flower usage, saving money in the long run. This convenient desktop vaporizer consists of temperature control and reliable convection heating. Alyssa loves the smooth vapor quality that comes with using the volcano. 

Favorite Tincture: Boojum 1:1 THC/CBG

Boojum Cbg Thc 1080 720

WholesomeCo Pharmacy staff member, Raechel, chose Boojum’s 1:1 THC/CBG tincture as her top cannabis product. The natural cannabis terpenes give these drops a subtle woodsy floral aroma. Raechel appreciates how this tincture is not overwhelming, making it perfect for daytime use and improving mental health. 

Shop these products and other WholesomeCo favorites here. 

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