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Top Tryke Products

What makes Tryke different from other brands?

The Tryke company is dedicated to making high-quality, affordable products. The brand has helped pioneer the cannabis market in Nevada and Arizona and is now contributing to the Utah Medical Cannabis program. Tryke’s 100% hydroponic cultivation method ensures top-quality products while also conserving water resources. Their close relationships with well-known cannabis breeders allow Tryke to incorporate a wide variety of strains into their products. Rap Artist Wiz Khalifa even chose Tryke to process one of the most popular cannabis strains, Khalifa Kush. 

Wondering which Tryke product you should try? 

Here are five patient favorites at WholesomeCo: 

Top Tryke Vape Cart: Khalifa Kush — Vape Cart

Made with THC distillate and all natural terpenes, Trykes popular Khalifa Kush Vape Cart provides relaxing and happy effects. The dominant terpene Myrcne combined with Beta-Caryophyllene and Limonene deliver earthy, citrus, and pine flavors. The Khalifa Kush strain is known for its balanced, hybrid effects making it ideal for daytime use. Trykes CCELL Hardware provides a smooth and clean draw, adding to the number of reasons patients love this product. 

Top Tryke Beverage Enhancer: Khalifa Kush Black Cherry Syrup 

As the most sought-after cannabis brand in the country, Trykes Black Cherry beverage enhancer provides a different consumption method to experience the effects of Khalifa Kush. Patients can mix their desired dose with their favorite beverage or consume it by itself. Khalifa Kush is known for its potency, balanced hybrid effects, and classic OG flavor. 

Top Tryke Gummy:  Raspberry Lemonade 1:1 Cubes THC:CBD

Tryke gummies are gelatin-based, discreet, and gluten-free. The Raspberry Lemonade gummy cubes provide a sweet, mood-enhancing product combining a balanced ratio of THC to CBD. 

Top Tryke Flower: White Chocolate 

Trykes White Chocolate flower offers uplifting and energetic effects perfect for daytime use and enhancing creativity. The strain combines Chocolope and White Moonshine to create a warm and relaxed feeling in the body. White Chocolate is known for its sweet notes of vanilla and earthy flavors. Patients may use this product to help treat pain, anxiety, and depression.

Top Tryke Tincture: Premium Mint THC Drops

Tryke Tinctures combine THC and/or CBD suspended in oil. This product provides fast-acting relief when used under your tongue, or patients may add drops to their favorite food or beverage. The Premium Mint THC drops are sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan friendly. 

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