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New Regulations Mean Medical Card Cost Savings for Patients

Updated regulations set by the Utah legislature will eliminate 6-month card renewal for new medical cannabis patients, decreasing the overall program costs. 

The initial cost of registering for a medical cannabis card can be a huge barrier for Utah residents. Thankfully, the Utah Medical Cannabis program continues to implement new regulations that allow for the cost to be decreased. 

Currently, the Utah law requires patients to pay for their card upon entry into the program, followed by a 6 month renewal fee, and another renewal at the one year mark from when the card was issued. After this point, renewal is required by state law on a yearly basis, but still at the discretion of a patient's individual Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) to require more frequent renewals. 

We understand these expenses can add up, which is why we are excited to share a new bill passed by Utah lawmakers that will help lower overall medical cannabis program costs. As of May 3rd, 2023, Utah patients registering for the first time will be issued medical cannabis cards good for one year, eliminating the prior 6-month renewal and the cost associated. 

This amendment is huge for new or prospective patients who feel medical cannabis is inaccessible due to the high enrollment expenses. Extending medical cards to one year will save both time and money as patients use cannabis to help with their individual health conditions. Although the Utah law will not require a 6-month renewal, it is still at the discretion of a patient's Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) to replace the 6 month follow-up with a yearly renewal. 

Average cost of a Utah Medical Cannabis Card 

Patients may use this QMP price comparison tool to find the best fit for them. Below is a summary of typical expenses that new patients can expect when registering for the Utah Cannabis Program. 

QMP costs vary for medical cannabis cards. Certain QMPs may offer or require more frequent renewals and at slightly different rates. However the state regulations only require renewals on an annual basis. We recommend researching a few QMPs in your area to find the optimal service and costs for you. For additional information regarding medical card renewal, patients can contact

Additional savings

Medical cannabis can be costly in Utah, especially compared to neighboring states due to the startup costs of the program. Until these expenses level out over time, here are some additional ways patients can maximize their savings: 


Once Utah patients receive their medical card, there are many opportunities to save on cannabis costs, including the WholesomeCo SAVE150 coupon that provides $50 off a new customer’s first 3 purchases. Registered patients can also browse our menu where discounted items are available regularly. 

WholesomeCo Customer Loyalty Program 

WholesomeCo has recently implemented a customer loyalty program in order to provide our loyal patients with additional savings. Patients can earn WholesomeCo Rewards by creating an online account, and purchasing from the WholesomeCo menu. A percentage of their order will be issued back to their account in the form of rewards dollars, which can be redeemed on future purchases. 

Limited Medical Providers (LMP) Program

The LMP program was created in order to provide Utah residents with an additional cannabis referral resource and lower medicinal cannabis costs. LMPs are able to bill a patient's medical insurance for consultations, which only requires patients to pay a small out-of-pocket fee or co-pay. 

How to get a Medical Cannabis Card

Simplifying and normalizing access to medical cannabis is one of WholesomeCo’s top priorities. The first step to being able to legally consume cannabis in Utah is obtaining a medical card, which for some can be the most confusing and tedious step. Here’s how patients can get started on their cannabis journey: 

  1. Meet with a qualified medical provider or limited medical provider who will determine if cannabis is the right treatment option for you. To save on renewal costs, patients may seek out QMPs that only require yearly renewals, and inquire with them before agreeing to use their service. 
  2. Register with the State by visiting After you have created an account, log in to with the same username and password and begin the patient application process. Your medical provider can assist you with any of these steps. 
  3. Schedule an appointment with a pharmacist. WholesomeCo offers virtual appointments that can be scheduled the same day or within 24 hours in most cases.
  4. Get your medical card instantly verified online with WholesomeCo. You are then eligible to shop our full menu here

Patients may visit to learn more about the steps to getting a medical card, including qualifying conditions in Utah and where to find your nearest qualified medical provider.

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