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Introducing Favorites: everything you love, at your fingertips

In the ever-changing world of medical cannabis, staying connected with your favorite products just got a whole lot easier. We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest feature: Favorites. This exciting addition to our platform is a direct response to the invaluable feedback we’ve received from patients like you, tailored to empower you to curate your shopping experience like never before. 

How it works

Favorites is available now on our website and in our apps for iOS and Android. When viewing a product or brand page, simply tap the “heart” icon to add it to your favorites. Your curated list will be neatly organized on your favorites page or the dedicated tab in your app.

Stay up to date with back-in-stock notifications

When you favorite a product, you're automatically enrolled in back-in-stock notifications. No more missing out – we'll alert you the moment a beloved product returns to our menu. You can manage your notification preferences in your account. 

Additionally, if you subscribe to our promotional marketing communications, we can use this information to provide more personalized and relevant recommendations.

Effortlessly organize your account

Your favorites are neatly organized on the favorites tab in our iOS and Android apps and on your account screen on our website. We seamlessly sync your favorites across each platform to ensure they are always just a tap or two away.

Personalize your shopping experience

Favorites isn’t just about keeping tabs on products, it’s about providing a personalized journey. By understanding your unique product and brand preferences, we can surface products and incentives that cater to your specific needs.

What’s next

In future updates, we’ll add more notifications for things you care about, including when a product or brand you love goes on sale. We’re also working on providing better access to out of stock products and surfacing a date for when we expect that product to be available again.

Get started

Head over to our menu and start favoriting the products and brands you love. For the best experience, be sure to download our app for iOS or Android and enable push notifications.

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