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Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For over three decades, people and organizations throughout the U.S. have donned pink during the month of October in a concerted effort to bring awareness to one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in women: breast cancer. At WholesomeCo, we serve patients who come to us for a variety of reasons, and among those are patients who use medical cannabis during their life-altering journey fighting breast cancer. 

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The stat is staggering -- every single one of us will inevitably know someone personally who is affected by breast cancer. It’s personal for us at WholesomeCo too. We see patients day-in and day-out who are using medical cannabis in their fight against breast cancer. They shop with us to access the cannabis medicine they need to make their fight more possible to endure. 

Treating breast cancer, like most cancers, involves radiation treatment which has various side effects. The pain, discomfort, and trauma that come alongside this treatment can often be alleviated with cannabis. Yet so many breast cancer patients are unaware of the ways that medical cannabis can help them. That’s why this month we’ll be highlighting the ways medical cannabis is used by breast cancer patients as a way to not only bring awareness of the disease itself, but also the ways people use medical cannabis to make their lives more manageable during their treatment.

Cancer patients’ side-effects from their treatments include nausea, pain, and trauma, all side effects that medical cannabis is often used to mitigate. The quality of life for these patients in their treatment journey is of the utmost importance to our WholesomeCo team, and we’re here to ensure that anyone who suffers from this tragic disease has the resources they need to know if medical cannabis is right for them.

In addition to this, and in light of the fact that 13% of women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, WholesomeCo will be donating 1.3% of sales during the month of October (up to $25K) to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Image Reborn Foundation. So every person who shops at WholesomeCo in October can leave knowing their purchase has contributed to increasing awareness-of and funding research-for breast cancer, and well as emotional support and healing resources for its patients.

We are proud to be joining in the now-global movement that is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we hope you will join us along the way.

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