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Understanding UDAF's changes to acceptable forms of ID

On May 1, 2024, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) will update it’s acceptable and invalid/expired ID list. Below is the expanded list of acceptable forms of valid IDs and accepted invalid/expired IDs.

Acceptable Forms of Valid ID

Valid forms of photo identification means a physical copy of any of the following that is either current or has expired within the past six months:

- State-issued driver's license
- State-issued identification card
- United States passport
- United States passport card
- United States military identification card
- Permanent resident card
- Alien registration receipt card
- A passport from another country
- Federally recognized tribal identification card (ask your lead for the list)

Additional Information: A government issued ID that is hole punched it is not valid.
An expired ID of a patient in the EVS, that has a terminal illness, is in hospice, is a patient or resident of an assisted living facility, a nursing care facility, or a general acute hospital, is always acceptable.

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