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  • Sunkiss by WholesomeCo

Sunkiss –1 gr Cured Resin Cart

Sativa80.43% THC4.39% CBG
$56.25/1 gr$75.00

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Product details

Get your fill of good vibes with WholesomeCo Cured Resin vapes. This high-potency, cannabis concentrate vape oil is extracted using advanced techniques to produce a product that is pure, potent, and packed with flavor. It is made using the latest extraction technology and cured cannabis flower. Sunkiss is a sativa-dominant strain made by crossing Platinum Tangie and Arise. This product is known for uplifting, relaxing, and happy effects ideal for daytime use.


  • β-Myrcene

    10.84 mg/g

  • β-Caryophyllene

    9.27 mg/g

  • Pinene

    8.5 mg/g

  • Limonene

    4.11 mg/g

  • Humulene

    3.86 mg/g


Strain TypeSativa
Total THC80.43% (804.26 mg)
Total CBD0.2% (1.98 mg)
Total CBG4.39% (43.91 mg)

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