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Lemon Creme by Select

Lemon Crème Cliq Pod — .5 gr Cliq Pod

Sativa90.76% THC0.47% CBD
$65.00/0.5 gr

Product details

*CLIQ Pods are a Proprietary system that is only compatible with the Select Cliq Battery*
Lemon Créme is a unique and unstable Sativa-dominant strain created by Love Genetics. It was brought into existence by crossing Lemon Jack with DNA Genetics’ Sour Cream (a Sour Diesel Heirloom x G15 Haze). The breeder notes that this strain is prone to produce three distinct phenotypes with varied aromas, such as Earl Grey tea, lemon Pinesol, and American sweet tea.
Source: Leafly.com

About Cliq Pods

CLIQ Pods are a proprietary system that is only compatible with the Select Cliq Battery.

Strain TypeSativa
Total THC90.76%
Total CBD0.47%

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