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  • Harlequin by Jilu Premium
  • Harlequin by Jilu Premium
  • Harlequin by Jilu Premium
  • Harlequin by Jilu Premium

Harlequin –1 gr Vape Cartridge

Sativa77.61% THC1.88% CBG
$76.00/1 gr
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Product details

  • Focused
  • Uplifted
  • Stress relieving
  • Relaxed
Strain TypeSativa
Total THC77.61% (776 mg)
Total CBD0.26% (2.56 mg)
Total CBC0.73% (7.33 mg)
Total CBG1.88% (18.8 mg)
Total CBN0.66% (6.55 mg)
Total THCV0.51% (5.12 mg)

Harlequin is a cross between Columbian Gold and several different Thai, Swiss, and Napali landrace strains. Harlequin is best known for its focused and relaxing effects. Because this strain has a high CBD content, it does not give a strong psychoactive high, and it is best enjoyed during the daytime. The dominant terpene Myrcene gives Harlequin strong musky and earthy flavors, and calming effects. The strain also includes Beta-caryophyllene, the only terpene known to activate our endocannabinoid system and provide medicinal anti-inflammatory effects.

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