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  • Hash Plant by Dragonfly

Hash Plant –0.5 gr Novaa Pod

Indica85.46% THC1.48% CBG1.72% CBN
$52.00/0.5 gr
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Product details


  • β-Myrcene

    11.95 mg/g

  • Limonene

    7.28 mg/g

  • β-Caryophyllene

    1.87 mg/g

  • Linalool

    1.75 mg/g

  • β-Pinene

    1.32 mg/g


Strain TypeIndica
Total THC85.46% (427.31 mg)
Total CBD0.51% (2.54 mg)
Total CBG1.48% (7.41 mg)
Total CBN1.72% (8.59 mg)

Hash Plant is associated with an extremely sleepy and relaxed high. The dominant terpene Myrcene, known for its sedating effects, delivers a musky, herbal aroma. Caryophyllene and Ocimene both contribute uplifting qualities and a spicy, woody flavor. Medical patients may use Hash Plant for its calming properties before bed, or to help with appetite loss.

Novaa Pods are a proprietary system that is only compatible with the Dragonfly Novaa Battery.

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