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  • Cypress Sage Balm by Zion

Cypress Sage Balm – Topical 1oz

646.38 mg THC2,247.3 mg CBD1,213.66 mg CBG

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Product details

The Cyprus Sage Balm topical is designed for localized applications and is popular among patients for its anti-inflammatory properties that help treat muscular pain and arthritis. Additional benefits include stress and migraine relief as well as its potential to assist with neurodegenerative disorders. Balm is intended for deep, long lasting relief.

Ingredients: Petroleum Jelly, Lanolin, Phytocannabinoids, Derived Cannabinoids, 8-Hydroxyquioline.

Net Weight: 1oz


Total THC646.38 mg (2.28%)
Total CBD2,247.3 mg (7.93%)
Total CBC125.59 mg (0.44%)
Total CBG1,213.66 mg (4.28%)

This type of topical is great for treating localized pain in the body. Balms and lotions are typically made by infusing a carrier oil with cannabis that can then be mixed into products.

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