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  • Point Break by Black Sheep

Point Break –7 gr Flower

Indica21.93% THC
$85.00/7 gr
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Product details

Who said being the black sheep of the bunch is a bad thing? Black Sheep Cannabis is Standard Wellness’ newest, sustainable, and environmentally friendly cannabis brand. All flower from Black Sheep Cannabis is grown in a patented specially formulated soil made with 100% certified organic nutrients, including sheep’s wool, organic peat moss, and other natural ingredients. This blend promotes natural healthy plant growth and protection from many harmful pathogens. This mix also serves as a natural wetting agent for the soil and plant. This proprietary nutritional/moisture technology delivers uniform nutrients to the plant throughout its growing cycle resulting in beautifully grown, premium cannabis.

  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Sleepy
Strain TypeIndica
Total THC21.93%
Total CBD0.07%
Total CBG0.53%

Named for the famous film, Point Break packs a lifting and full-bodied high that will have you feeling energized before helping you settle down and get to sleep. The effects come on quickly, filling your brain with a euphoric sense of lifted energy. You'll feel creative and motivated, ready to tackle any creative task at hand. As your mind lifts, your body will start to settle further and further into the couch with a heavy sense of relaxation. This soothing sense will soon work its way throughout your entire body, leaving you fully sedated and sleepy.

There are many potential benefits to using a cannabis greenhouse:

A controlled environment limits the plant's encounters with bugs, pests, bacteria, and diseases.
Because a cannabis greenhouse relies primarily on passive solar for light and heat, it's more energy efficient than traditional indoor growing.
This method allows you to begin growing cannabis in a greenhouse during the winter for additional harvests.

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