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  • Blueberry Marshmallow by WholesomeCo
  • Blueberry Marshmallow by WholesomeCo
  • Blueberry Marshmallow by WholesomeCo
  • Blueberry Marshmallow by WholesomeCo

Blueberry Marshmallow Diamond Gummy –60mg Super Dose 10-pack

Hybrid606.54 mg THC21.16 mg CBG
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Product details

Take your wholesome journey to wellness to a new level with WholesomeCo’s Diamond Gummies. These gummies are formulated using THC-A Diamonds extracted from dried and cured cannabis flower. The resulting extract is THC-A diamond in physical form. The THC-A gummies are then melted down and infused into the gummy formulation. Each gummy offers a pure THC experience enveloped in a delicious, effective and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.


Strain TypeHybrid
Pieces per package10
Total THC606.54 mg (60.65 mg per piece)
Total CBG21.16 mg (2.12 mg per piece)

Cannabis gummies made from THC-A diamonds offer an exquisite and potent twist on traditional edibles. These gummies are crafted by infusing high-purity THC-A diamonds, which are crystalline formations of nearly pure THC, into a delectable gummy base. The result is a luxurious and intensely potent cannabis experience that delivers a precise and powerful dose of THC. Diamonds are renowned for their exceptional purity, ensuring a clean and robust cannabinoid profile that allows users to enjoy the full spectrum of effects associated with THC. These gummies are perfect for experienced medical cannabis patients looking for a strong and fast-acting edible option.

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