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  • Strawberry Daze by Hilight

Strawberry Daze Gummy – 55mg 10-pack

562.96 mg THC25.88 mg CBG

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Product description

A refreshingly simple and delicious gummy that combines the flavors and effects of locally produced fruit and cannabis. For generations, local orchards have been a cornerstone of Utah's heritage, providing beloved fruits that define our state's identity. These fruits are at the heart of spring and summer festivities, where communities gather annually for lively celebrations, enjoying food, games, and cherished traditions. Hilight’s Strawberry Daze gummies celebrate the deep red and juicy strawberries produced by farmers in central Utah, harvested in late spring and early summer. Each gummy contains 50mg of THC, making it ideal for patients seeking a strong to moderate THC experience. Paired with the succulent sweetness of strawberries, these delicious gummies are a delight while you wait for the effects to kick in!


Pieces per package10
Total THC562.96 mg (1.24% / 56.3 mg per piece)
Total CBD5.45 mg (0.01% / 0.54 mg per piece)
Total CBC6.81 mg (0.02% / 0.68 mg per piece)
Total CBG25.88 mg (0.06% / 2.59 mg per piece)

Gummies are gelatinous cubes formulated with cannabinoids.

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