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  • High-Dose Capsules by Boojum

High-Dose Capsules — 30-pack

Hybrid 450mg THC

Product details

Boojum FSO capsules feature an easy, familiar and effective delivery method. Each of the 30 capsules includes a high dose of THC, giving patients potent, long lasting relief. The vegan capsules also contain coconut-derived MCT oil, a healthy fat that helps the body to digest the cannabinoids and terpenes more efficiently, and carnauba wax, a natural, plant-based stabilizer

About Edibles

The recommended dosage of edibles will vary by product and patient. Always start low and go slow, allowing at least 2 hours to feel the effects. Increase by no more than one gummy every 2-4 hours to find personalized dosage. Store in a cool, dry place.

Strain TypeHybrid
Total THC450mg
THC per Capsule15mg
Capsules per package30

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