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  • RSO Dart by The Solid

RSO Dart – 1 gr

Hybrid61.42% THC1.81% CBG2.14% CBN
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Product description

Ingredients: MCT Oil, RSO.


Strain TypeHybrid
Total THC61.42% (614.24 mg)
Total CBC1.08% (10.78 mg)
Total CBG1.81% (18.14 mg)
Total CBN2.14% (21.44 mg)

Rick Simpson Oil, AKA RSO, is a concentrate named after the medical cannabis advocate who first created it. It is typically a thick and sticky dark oil known for its high concentration of THC. RSO is most effective when taken daily by mouth, it should not be dabbed or inhaled. Due to its high THC concentration, this concentrate may be used to help cancer patients and those facing other serious conditions.

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