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  • USB-C Charging Cable by Ooze

USB-C Charging Cable

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Product details

TYPE-C | Type-C chargers are a super common charger type. Check the port on your device, if it looks like a long, flat rectangle with rounded corners, your device is compatible with type-c charging.
LENGTH | This charging cable is 12”, or one foot, in length.
RAPID CHARGE | Ooze type-C cables are designed for rapid charging.
OVERCHARGE PROTECTION | If you’re someone who leaves their device on the charger for hours, or even overnight, you might notice the battery life getting shorter. Our chargers prevent overcharging, preserving the battery life over time.

*Ooze requires any Ooze device to only be charged with an Ooze charger, or else the warranty on your device is void.

WholesomeCo cannot process returns for hardware and accessories. We recommend you contact the vendor regarding their return policy.

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