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  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze
  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze
  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze
  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze
  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze
  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze
  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze
  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze
  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze
  • Beacon Extract Vaporizer by Ooze

Beacon Extract Vaporizer – Arctic Blue

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    Product details

    The Beacon is the simplest of the C-Core devices, and is designed to be the most portable. While it may look like a standard extract vaporizer pen, it is built around the Onyx Atomizer, making it an incredibly powerful vape that you don’t need to preheat. The Onyx Atomizer strengthens terpene flavors, has crazy-smooth airflow, and provides the most even heat you can find in a device like this.
    We designed the Beacon to be the perfect C-Core starter device, but it will satisfy longtime dabbers, too! It is incredibly easy to set up and use, and because it heats so efficiently, cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. Twist the mouthpiece to open the Onyx Atomizer, and you’ll find a small ceramic dab tool under the cap. Load your dab onto the Azul ceramic core in the atomizer bucket and put the mouthpiece back on. Click the button 5x to turn it on and press the button to heat and take your dab.

    The Beacon was designed to take your tasty extracts with you on the go. It’s an all-in-one device, and keeps the sticky dab tool tucked inside while you aren’t using it, so it won’t get stuck to the inside of your bag or pocket. We recommend keeping your charger on you if you’re out and about with the Beacon. If your battery happens to die, you can use it while it charges thanks to the pass-through charging feature!


    C-CORE ONYX ATOMIZER | Load your extract into the Onyx Atomizer and experience better, faster flavor without burning through product quickly. Each dab receives very even heat, which leaves only tiny amounts of residue behind.

    SUB-OHM VAPING | The Beacon has a resistance of 0.8 ohms, which makes this a sub-ohm vape. The low resistance allows the Beacon to produce more vapor to inhale while amplifying the flavors for huge, tasty clouds.

    LOAD & GO | Using the Onyx Atomizer is so simple. Twist the mouthpiece to reveal the bucket and load your dab onto the core dish. Start off with just a tiny bit or go full dab mode. Either way, your lungs are going to feel the full power of the C-Core!

    BUILT-IN TOOL | Once you take the mouthpiece off, you’ll notice a small white tool sticking out the bottom of the cap. Use this as a dab tool to load in your extracts.

    800 MAH | Pack the Booster & take it to go without worrying about it dying on you while you’re out and about. The 800 mAh battery provides plenty of power and lasts for plenty of sessions.

    PASS-THROUGH CHARGING | Don’t let a dead battery kill your buzz! Use the included type-C charger to use the device while it’s charging. Make sure to always use the Ooze charger, and always use a wall outlet.

    Dab pens are most comparable to THC oil vapes in size. Patients can choose from a version with exposed coils, where you inhale on the mouthpiece and apply the coil directly to the concentrate, referred to as a nectar collector. Both versions utilize a battery typically encased in stainless steel. The second version uses a tank or bowl as the heating element. Where a cartridge would typically be attached, a tank or bowl connects. They are typically empty and require what is called a dab tool for easiest loading of the concentrate into the device.

    Portable electronic rigs are, naturally, most comparable to dab rigs – but without the use of a blow torch! A portable rig has a water filtration system in it to provide dabs as smooth and flavorful as a traditional dab rig. E-rigs go a step further from dab pens that use colored temperature settings; portable dab rigs, instead, use price temperatures.

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