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  • Daab Portable E-Rig by Ispire
  • Daab Portable E-Rig by Ispire
  • Daab Portable E-Rig by Ispire
  • Daab Portable E-Rig by Ispire

Daab Portable E-Rig – Limited Edition Astro


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Product details

Blast off into the cosmos with the Astro daab™, Ispire’s newest limited-edition dab rig! Each individually numbered rig features our latest innovative tech and hand-finished graphics by our factory. The constellation map on the grip, glow-in-the-dark elements, and hardshell carrying case make the Astro daab™ a truly out-of-this-world collector's piece!

The Astro daab™ incorporates a newly engineered showerhead percolator and a flat-top carb cap to deliver a next-level dabbing experience. The tight seal and consistent draw produce big clouds that will have you seeing stars.

Each hand-painted Astro daab™ has glow-in-the-dark features and a gunmetal plaque engraved with a unique production number to verify authenticity. The customized, high-impact carrying case is hand-finished with its own star-spattered graphics and is outfitted with glow-in-the-dark latches & handle, plus an engraved dog tag with the matching device number.

The limited-edition Astro daab™ is certain to be in high demand. Get yours before they’re gone!

Product Features:
Limited Edition: individually numbered (XXXX of 3,000) with a gunmetal plaque on the bottom of the device and a gunmetal dogtag on the carrying case.
FLAT CARB CAP: Forms a tight seal with the water chamber for a consistent dabbing experience. Resulting in bigger hits using less concentrate!
GLOW-IN-THE-DARK: Star map grip plate and grip plate trim
DAABMAT: Cosmic daabmat with glowing Ispire badge
BASE: Showerhead percolator and water chamber
HEATING: Induction heating and adjustable temperature settings (250 - 800 F)
CHARGING: Type-C charging port - functions while charging
BATTERY: Battery operated with two 2900 mAh batteries
CUPS: Borosilicate Glass

Note: Please refer to the user manual before using the dab rig kit. You can also watch user guide videos on Youtube.

Weight 1.04 lbs
Dimensions: 9.75in × 3.5in × 2.25in
Type-C charging port with pass through technology
Battery operated with two 2900 mAh batteries, that are replaceable/exchangeable with freshly charged ones

In the Box:
Hard Plastic Carrying Case x 1
Astro daab x 1
Water Chamber/Carrier Cup x 1
Reclaim Cup x 1
Flat Carb Cap x 1
Inner Cup x 2
USB Cable x 1
User Manual x 1
Insulation Silicone Ring x 2

Dab pens are most comparable to THC oil vapes in size. Patients can choose from a version with exposed coils, where you inhale on the mouthpiece and apply the coil directly to the concentrate, referred to as a nectar collector. Both versions utilize a battery typically encased in stainless steel. The second version uses a tank or bowl as the heating element. Where a cartridge would typically be attached, a tank or bowl connects. They are typically empty and require what is called a dab tool for easiest loading of the concentrate into the device.

Portable electronic rigs are, naturally, most comparable to dab rigs – but without the use of a blow torch! A portable rig has a water filtration system in it to provide dabs as smooth and flavorful as a traditional dab rig. E-rigs go a step further from dab pens that use colored temperature settings; portable dab rigs, instead, use price temperatures.

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