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Utah Medical Cannabis Delivery: An Overview

Get your medical cannabis delivered right to your front door

For thousands of medical cannabis users in the state of Utah, the main method of obtaining their cannabis is through delivery. WholesomeCo provides convenient delivery options to 99% of the state of Utah. 

Here is all that you need to know about getting medical cannabis delivered right to your door with the dispensary in Utah, WholesomeCo.

Is medical cannabis delivery legal in Utah?

The Utah Medical Cannabis Act (UMCA) was passed in December 2018. (1) After several months of back and forth between the state, the private sector, and consumer groups, Utah’s medical cannabis program officially launched in March 2020. (2)

Today there are over 23,000 active medical cannabis cardholders. The system is primarily run through the private sector with support and regulatory control administered through the state of Utah. The state oversees regulations for individuals who want to obtain a card (see below) and for the licensing of individual medical cannabis pharmacies.

Cannabis delivery is a major component of the overall medical cannabis system in Utah. is proud to serve 99% of the total card-carrying population through its main pharmacy in Bountiful as well through delivery services throughout the state. 

How do I obtain a medical cannabis card in Utah?

The process of obtaining a medical cannabis card in Utah is not complicated but it does require a few steps. First, you must find a “Qualified Medical Provider” (QMP) to determine your “qualifying condition” for cannabis use. The qualifying conditions that apply to medical cannabis use in the state of Utah include: (3)

To find a QMP in your area, click HERE

After going through this first essential step, then it is time to register with the state and pay the required fees. The fee for an initial patient card (and for a 6-month patient renewal card) is $15. To obtain a guardian or caregiver card, the fee is $66.25. The application is normally processed within about two weeks, according to the Utah Department of Health/Utah Department of Agriculture and Food website.

Next, your card will be mailed to you, and you will be included in the state of Utah database for legal medical cannabis users. The wait time from when a person turns in all paperwork to when they receive a card is about two weeks or less. Note that this wait time applies to persons over 21 with a qualifying condition. 

For patients without a qualifying condition or for applicants under 21, there is an additional step. These individuals must petition the State of Utah Compassionate Use Board. The wait time to receive a card in these cases is about 90 days. 

CLICK HERE to start the process of obtaining a Utah medical cannabis card. And remember to renew your Utah medical cannabis card before the expiration date once you have it.

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How do I become verified to purchase cannabis products?

Once you go through the steps above and receive a card through the mail, then you must get “verified” at a dispensary or pharmacy. At other pharmacies, the wait time to be eligible to purchase medical cannabis may be as long as a couple of days and often requires you to go into the location to speak with a consult there and fill out paperwork. At WholesomeCo, however, the purchase approval process can be done instantly online! 

We are one of the first medical cannabis pharmacies in Utah to offer “instant online medical card verification” for medical cannabis patients. We continue to lead the way in providing you with convenient ways to get cannabis, either in the pharmacy, via pickup, or through home delivery. 

Our company has become known for its technological innovations geared towards making the cannabis purchase experience easy and streamlined. This means that you get your medical cannabis faster and with less hassle! 

How do I pay for medical cannabis delivery?

In August 2021, WholesomeCo became the first medical cannabis pharmacy to accept debit cards for payment. This is a huge win for medical cannabis users state-wide since most other pharmacies in Utah require an app called Hypur. Hypur is used specifically for cannabis purchases in Utah and can be cumbersome and confusing to use for many patients.

There are only 14 dispensaries in the state of Utah, and they are all currently located in major areas of traffic (along 1-15). Earlier this year, we sought out ways to remedy a common dilemma that many cannabis users face. Because of illness, lack of transportation, or simply living in a rural part of the state, many customers are simply not able to get to a pharmacy. 

This is why WholesomeCo has partnered with the Solvent company to accept debit cards for medical cannabis delivery. Cash and checks are not accepted for medical cannabis delivery with WholesomeCo. However, debit cards are accepted at WholesomeCo, along with other approved forms of payment like Hypur, Visa, and Mastercard debit cards.

What dosing methods and products can I get delivered to my door?

Under Utah’s UMCA, the following consumption methods are acceptable for delivery in the state: 

In the state of Utah, according to the UMCA, “patients may purchase a medical cannabis device that warms cannabis material into a vapor without the use of a flame and delivers cannabis to an individual’s respiratory system.” 

This means that smoking or combusting cannabis is still illegal in Utah. Edible cannabis products such as brownies, cookies, and gummies are also prohibited under state law as are loose cannabis flowers and buds. 

At WholesomeCo, our “daily menu” of specials, strain features, and specific product offerings change a little every day. That being said, we always keep a wide variety of products in stock so patients can get what they need. 

Are there any other details I need to know about cannabis delivery near me?

It is important that medical cannabis stays in the possession of the card carrier. For this reason, the patient who ordered the product must be the same person who receives it at their address. The only exception to this is for licensed caregivers. 

Be prepared to show at least one valid form of ID and patient or caregiver medical card at the door in order to get your cannabis product. For most people, this will be a driver’s license or another government-issued ID card. 

The main thing you need to know about delivery with WholesomeCo is that you couldn’t have chosen a better service for all of your medical cannabis needs! WholesomeCo is the only pharmacy to not only accept debit cards online and in our stores but also to offer state-wide delivery in Utah. This means that pretty much wherever you are in the Beehive State, we got you covered. 

You can find a complete list of Wholesome delivery areas HERE. For the latest update on delivery availability, click HERE. 


Who should I ask for questions about medical cannabis delivery?

The latest research continues to show the health benefits that medical cannabis can provide for dozens of conditions. WholesomeCo is proud to be at the forefront of access to care for Utah’s medical cannabis users.

"Our goal is to make sure that everyone in Utah has convenient access to high-quality medical cannabis because everyone deserves relief from pain or chronic illness,” says WholesomeCo CEO Chris Jeffrey. “We hope that our services make it easy for patients to get the medicine they need, and that the community benefits as a result.” 

If you have questions about how medical cannabis can benefit your unique health situation, be sure to schedule a consultation with one of our PhD-level, certified pharmacists. Our consultants are pharmacists that also have additional training and in-depth knowledge about medical cannabis. 

For questions about delivery orders, technical difficulties, or questions about our menu, please reach out to our CS team for support via phone, email, text, as well as live chat! 

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