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Introducing Hilight: Refreshingly Simple Medical Cannabis

Ready to live in the Hilight?

WholesomeCo is excited to announce the arrival of a new and refreshingly affordable medical cannabis brand: Hilight cannabis. Exclusively available at WholesomeCo at launch, this new brand is here to offer medical cannabis products that don't break the bank, and don't compromise on quality. The refreshingly simple product lineup will include gummies, flower and vapes to start, and will eventually grow to a full and comprehensive lineup of our customers' favorite medical cannabis varieties. We can't wait for you to try these new products, and to see what else is coming from Hilight later this year. 

Hilight Gummies

Gummy Blog

We know that each patient's cannabis journey is unique, as are their preferences and needs around potency and consumption methods. That's why we're excited that Hilight gummies are available with varying flavors and potency varieties. On the low end, our 2.5mg low potency gummies are perfect for those with low tolerance or those with a preference for micro-dosing. On the upper end, those seeking high potency can try the 50mg or 100mg options. And in the middle, the 10mg and 25-30mg offerings might be just what you need to sweeten your day. No matter where you land in the potency spectrum, we know these Hilight gummies will hit the sweet spot. 

Hilight Flower and Vapes

Expect to be delighted when you see the lineup of strains that will be regularly available for Hilight. Initially launching with two strains of flower and eight strains of vapes, we know this is just the beginning of a steady stream of strains that will be available after launch. 

We hope you're ready to live in the Hilight, and to experience these refreshingly simple, refreshingly affordable medical cannabis products.



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