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How to win a $250 WholecomeCo Giftcard

Want to win a WholesomeCo $250 gift card and more? We’ve partnered with Discover MJ to celebrate their one-year anniversary so enter their giveaway for a chance to win big. 

To enter the Discover MJ Anniversary Giveaway see the details below. 

  1. Subscribe to Discover Marijuana on YouTube:
  2. Comment on this week's video on our YouTube channel. The video to comment on to win the WholesomeCo gift card will be launching on Wednesday 11/24. 
  3. Visit and leave your contact info in case you're the winner! (This link will change weekly)

Entries accepted from Wednesday 11/24 4:15am - Sunday 11/29 11:59pm.

Giveaway terms and conditions can be found here.

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