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New: Hilight Pre-Ground Flower

Many WholesomeCo patients enjoy using cannabis flower to experience the full range of health benefits, terpene profiles, and flavors that medical cannabis has to offer. At WholesomeCo, we believe getting the medicine you need should be simple and convenient. With these values in mind, we are excited to introduce Hilight’s first Pre-ground Whole Flower Cannabis to our Utah patients. 


What is pre-ground flower and why would you buy it?

Pre-ground flower is just as it sounds, cannabis flower that has already been ground before patients make their purchase. There are many new consumption methods that make using cannabis discreet and simple, such as edibles and vape cartridges. Pre-ground flower simplifies the process for all flower consumers, including those who still prefer the old-school ways of cannabis in its most natural form, as well as the modern day consumer who uses a flower vaporizer device.

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In Utah, pre-rolls (pre-ground flower rolled into a joint for smoking), are not accepted as a permissible form of medical cannabis. Patients are told that it is illegal to use a flame when consuming cannabis, therefore many consumers turn to flower vaporizing in order to still experience the benefits of flower. Pre-ground flower is the perfect product for this case, as the flower is already ground into a fine state that is easy to load into a vaporizer. 

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Patients may also find pre-ground flower useful when cooking with cannabis or infusing their own edibles. Before cannabis is infused into cannabutter or cannaoil, whole flower must be ground into a very fine consistency. Patients who are new to this process can view our Beginners Guide to Cooking with Cannabis, here

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Additionally, purchasing pre-ground flower eliminates the need for patients to purchase or use their own grinder, saving time and money upfront and in the long run. Hilight's pre-ground products will help Utah patients say goodbye to their sticky grinders. 


Pre-ground flower vs. Shake 

Cannabis users should not confuse Hilight’s pre-ground flower with a similar form of flower known as “shake”. Shake is the leftover cannabis plant material that has been separated from the whole flower buds after they have been trimmed. Shake is usually less potent than whole flower buds, and therefore less expensive. 

Pre-ground flower holds the same amount of potency that patients experience in traditional whole bud flower, with the added convenience of the product already being ground. Hilight’s production process uses a sifting technique to maximize the availability of whole flower buds and minimize the presence of stems, leaves and seeds, offering a fine grind of the best parts of the cannabis plant. 

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Hilight pre-ground flower options 

Hilight pre-ground flower will be available in 8 different strains, and 3 different size options including 5g, 14g, and 28g. Larger quantities such as 14g and 28g sizes are perfect for those who are looking to use pre-ground flower for cooking purposes. Once opened, pre-ground flower can become dry quicker than whole flower, so be sure to properly store it in air tight packaging.

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