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Highlighting Women in the Utah Cannabis Community

We're highlighting some influential women in the Utah cannabis community. Read on to learn about their favorite cannabis products and why they love working in the Utah medical cannabis industry.


April Miera - The Kush Lady, Creative Director/ Founder at Terra Health and Wellness

April is one of the Pioneers in the Utah Cannabis Industry. As a woman of color in Utah she has made waves as she continues to set new trends in the Healthcare Market. With over 20 years of Case Management experience, she has maneuvered the industry with knowledge and passion. With a heart for complex care and finding innovative solutions to today's industry issues, April has created an oasis for her patients to find healing in a unique Medical Spa Atmosphere 

April has helped to create one of the first women empowerment groups called The Kush Ladies here in Utah. She remains focused on providing a safe space for others trying to pave the way in a new industry or patients nervous about learning a new medical treatment. 

When she isn’t chasing the bag, April can be found cooking at home for her family or exercising to her favorite hip-hop songs.  

Favorite products:

Kiwi or Flo White Flower

Why do you like working in medical cannabis in Utah?

I enjoy enhancing patient experiences and interacting within my community. I have a passion for education and wellness-based conversation while still living life to its fullest. I truly believe patients have the power to find inner healing, sometimes we just need a little guidance and a lot of love.  


Corey Anden MD, Human + Nature Medical and Wellness

Dr. Corey Anden has been a trailblazer for female physicians for the past 35 years! She is a Sports Medicine Specialist and was a part of the first clinic in Utah to offer Medical Cannabis Evaluations in 2019. She and her team founded Human + Nature Medical and Wellness in 2021 to encompass both modern and holistic treatment options for her patients. Dr. Anden knows cannabis has a treasure trove of medicinal properties and can speak from experience, being a Medical Doctor and a medical cannabis patient, she can relate to her patients and their struggles managing chronic pain. In her free time, she enjoys walking her dogs, skiing, swimming, and connecting with nature. 

Favorite product: 

Low THC Flower (as nature intended), RSO Oil

Why do you like working in medical cannabis in Utah?

I truly enjoy educating my patients about whole-plant medicine and the entourage effect. My mission is to empower my patients to improve their quality of life, by helping them feel better. Medical cannabis is the perfect avenue to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine. It has already empowered hundreds of my patients to reduce their medications and open their minds to all kinds of different treatment options.


Marley Colt, KindBuds Cannabis Coaching 

Marley is a cannabis activist and athlete living in Ogden. She currently works with Dr. Corey Anden, but started KindBuds Cannabis Coaching in January 2021 to help new cannabis patients navigate the world of medical cannabis. She quickly learned there’s a gap to fill between physicians' offices and the medical cannabis pharmacies. Marley has visited about 30 clients in their homes to teach them how to grind and inhale their cannabis flower and is gaining new clients every day. Marley spends her spare time doing high-adrenaline sports and has suffered many injuries in the process. She is on a mission to teach patients that they can consume medical cannabis, manage their pain, and live a high-functioning lifestyle every day. 

Favorite products:

Why do you like working in medical cannabis in Utah?

Breaking the stigma! I love to lead by example and show people you can be true to yourself and consume cannabis. The beginners are my favorite! I love meeting someone for the first time and sitting down at their kitchen counter and literally teaching them how to hold, grind and inhale their cannabis flower. We have so many Utahns that feel alone and ashamed just for being curious about cannabis and I'm here to guide those patients.


Desiree Hennessy, Director at the Utah Patients Coalition 

Desiree lives in Cache County with her husband and four kids. She is active in her local and state politics and served as the secretary of the Cache County Republican Party and as an appointed member of the Utah Parental Defense oversight committee. Advocating for the underdog has always been important to her and has inspired her work with the Utah Patients Coalition, where she helped with the passage of the Utah Medical Cannabis Act and is now the Executive Director continuing efforts to help patients obtain and preserve legal access to medical cannabis. 

Favorite product:

A 2023 suppository 

Why do you like working in medical cannabis in Utah?

I love working in medical cannabis in Utah for many reasons. Because I am one of the few original advocates still involved, and now the director of the organization that passed the ballot initiative in Utah legalizing medical cannabis, a big part of me feels like this is my child that I still need to guide and help grow. During the interim and during the session I am constantly trying to weave together a program that works for patients while supporting the industry to be able to provide necessary products. 

But, my “why” will always be my son. His extreme needs are what lead me to discover the benefits medical cannabis can have, it has been a miracle for our family and I am blessed to be able to help other families have this as an option as well. 


Britni King, COO at Boojum Group

After co-founding her first company, Lipsmoke, with her now-husband, Britni led large-scale advertising campaigns for major cannabis companies, and in doing so discovered her own passion for cannabinoids and their potential. That potential, along with the need for ethical, educated companies in the cannabis space, led her to return to Utah in 2018 to co-found Boojum Group. Britni lives with her husband and their two dogs, Drake and Boojum, in the Wasatch Mountains near Heber City.

Favorite product:

Myrcene and Terpineol Tincture - It’s really versatile and easy to dose, while the terpenes make it incredibly effective when it comes to helping fight pain and summon sleep.

Why do you like working in medical cannabis in Utah? 

The highlight of my job is getting emails from patients that really hit home about how much our products have changed their lives for the better. I’ve always loved helping people, so hearing from patients who take the time to email us or come talk to me always makes me feel like it’s all worth it. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear how truly effective cannabis can be and seeing patients empowered to take control of their health and find natural solutions to help make their lives better is the most rewarding part of my job.


Olivia Kulander, M.S., Chief Scientific Officer at Boojum Group

Olivia comes to the cannabis world with a passion for helping Utah patients to understand why cannabis medicine works and how to harness its incredible benefits. As a research and teaching professional with a master's in biology, her experience has taken her from investigating primate bioacoustics as a Fulbright Fellow in Indonesia, to working as a researcher for science-based documentaries in Ireland, to teaching physiology, human health, and other university courses both domestically and internationally. These diverse experiences have honed a drive to understand the “why” of the big picture through the “how” of the details. And even more importantly, to communicate that to others in a way that leaves them empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and the planet.

Favorite product: 

Oral Spray - I love that it is easy, unassuming, and accessible, and yet works quickly and effectively.

Why do you like working in medical cannabis in Utah?

I find it fascinating that this plant that has been used medicinally by humanity for thousands of years has been in a complete research void for the last 90 years. There is so much to learn about why it’s such a potent medicine, and we all get to be on the front lines as we see the research take shape, the stigma fade, and the patients ultimately benefit.

03.21.2022 Utah Cannabis Amber Stachitus 1080x720 2

Amber Stachitus, Director of Marketing for / UTTHC / Discover Marijuana / Utah in the Weeds

Beautiful, authentic branding propels me forward in the work I do. I love a brilliant billboard, a bold campaign that cuts through the noise, and a tagline you can’t get out of your head. Above all, I care deeply about people and want to contribute to them having a positive, uplifting experience. Working with major UT brands, including Traeger Grills, Adobe Workfront, Divvy, and now UTTHC, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from marketing masterminds at every turn. My current focus is raising the bar for medical cannabis care in Utah and beyond. When I’m not hustling to make that happen, you’ll find me out in nature or traveling with my husband, Nate Brown (who always holds space for me to shine), and my 2-yr-old daughter, Lana Jane (whose precious face reminds me of what it’s all for). 

Favorite products: 

Why do you like working in medical cannabis in Utah? 

We work really hard to create approachable medical cannabis education to help bust myths and destigmatize usage. Cannabis does so much. Without proper education, patients end up taking a shotgun approach, trying a lot of things until they hit something that works. That can feel really frustrating while also trying to function in your life and some of those patients drop out of the program before finding relief. Understanding the various compounds that make up the plant positions patients to take a more strategic approach to their health with medical cannabis. It’s a map to the bullseye. I love seeing a comment or post about how this education improves patients' knowledge of the plant and empowers them to create the space for better outcomes with their medicine. We even have patients from other rec states thanking us for bridging the education gap for them, and that feels really rewarding.


Roxann Poulton, Clinic Director/NMC Utah

I am passionate about plant medicine and have been an advocate for adult use in Colorado since 2012 when the program started. When Utah became a medical state, I knew that I wanted to be a part of that development. I have years of medicinal cannabis experience, including teaching non-solvent extraction and edible oil and topical infusion. Plant medicine is extraordinary and the science behind the plant is so vast that we cannot ignore it. I also enjoy hiking, scuba diving, and traveling. 

Why do you like working in medical cannabis in Utah?

I enjoy seeing the difference this medicine brings people on a daily basis and their transformation.

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