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  • Terple by Tryke

Popcorn Terple —3.5 gr

Hybrid 0.05% CBD
$28.00/3.5 gr$35.00

Product details

Strain TypeIndica Dominant Hybrid
Total THCa0.002%
Total CBD0.05%

About this strain

Terple is a nighttime strain resulting from a cross between Tropicana Cookies and Slurricane. Effects include feeling happy, uplifted, and relaxed. This strain is great for treating chronic pain, nausea, and appetite-loss. Expect a sweet and spicy, almost grape-like flavor while consuming this strain.

About Popcorn

The smaller popcorn buds generally come from the lower portions of the plant, and though they are smaller, usually pack the same punch as regular-sized flower.

For first-time patients, take one 1-second inhalation and wait 15 minutes before taking another from a flower vaporizer.

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