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Purple Afghan Kush by Buzz

Purple Afghan Kush — 3.5 gr

$60.00/3.5 gr

About this product

An award-winning indica cultivar from Dinafem seeds, Purple Afghan Kush is a cross of Purple Kush and Bubba Kush. It offers notes of freshly sliced pineapple. Alongside its unique terpene profile, the strain offers deep relaxation without being completely overwhelming.
Source: Leafly

About this strain

This award-winning nighttime strain is a combination of Purple Kush and Afghan Kush. Purple Afghan Kush typically has a higher THC concentration than other strains. Patients often report a very deep relaxation and calming high with use, and often use the strain to aid with sleep and chronic pain. Offering an earthy, pine taste, Pinene and Humulene are likely the dominant terpenes.

Strain TypeIndica
Total THC19.91% THC

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