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  • Hot Knife 510 Thread Electric Dab Tool by Ooze

Hot Knife 510 Thread Electric Dab Tool –Black

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    Product details

    The Ooze Hot Knife is an electric dab tool that makes handling any type of concentrate so much easier. The Hot Knife is a heated dab tool that prevents the extract from getting stuck to the tool and can make cutting off a small piece of a larger slab of concentrate a simple process. Screw the Hot Knife attachment onto a 510 thread battery (we recommend the Slim Twist) and press the button to heat up the ceramic knife tip. Depending on the type of concentrate being used, the Hot Knife can be heated before touching the wax to cut off a piece, or heated after the wax is on the tip, so it slides right off without leaving any behind.

    ELECTRIC DABBER | The Ooze Hot Knife is an electric dab tool that simplifies the dabbing process. Handling concentrates can be tricky, and sticky but the hot knife prevents the substance from being wasted before it makes it into your device.
    510 THREAD | The Hot Knife is compatible with just about any pen-style 510 thread vape pen battery with a button. We recommend the Ooze Slim Twist. Screw the attachment on the battery like a cartridge and press the button to heat up the tip.
    CERAMIC TIP | The Hot Knife has a medical grade ceramic tip and is super smooth so the extracts slide right off with minimal residue.
    TRAVEL CAP | The Hot Knife includes a travel cap so it can be stored away while not in use without accidentally burning anything or getting stuck to anything. This is a very small accessory that takes up barely any storage space. Dab anywhere with this super portable electric dab tool!

    Accessory ONLY, no battery or product is included. Any pictures or descriptions with devices in them are for demonstration purposes only.

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