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Utah Cannabis Guide

Everything you need to know about medical cannabis in Utah

To help you understand how Utah’s medical cannabis program works for patients we’ve put together a quick guide to help you navigate how you can legally access and safely consume medical cannabis products.

What is Prop 2 in Utah?

Utah’s Proposition 2, passed by voters in 2018, legalized a state-regulated medical cannabis program for Utah citizens with qualifying medical conditions. 

Prop 2, also known as the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, allows patients with a doctor’s recommendation and a medical cannabis card to safely and legally access prescribed cannabis medicine from licensed medical cannabis pharmacies.

What are the accepted qualifying conditions to receive a medical cannabis card?

Medical cannabis can be recommended for a number of medical conditions. Qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Utah include:

If your medical diagnosis isn’t included on the list of qualified conditions above you may still qualify. In which case, you may petition the Compassionate Use Board for a medical cannabis recommendation. They will review all requests and determine if your condition should qualify.

How do patients access cannabis medicine?

Utahn’s with qualifying medical conditions can follow a simple 3-step process to safely and legally access cannabis medicine.

  1. Schedule an appointment with a Qualified Medical Professional (QMP) to review your qualifying condition(s).
  2. Once you’ve received a recommendation for medical cannabis from a QMP, apply online for your Medical Cannabis Card.
  3. Using your Medical Cannabis Card you can register with WholesomeCo Pharmacy to begin accessing medical cannabis products.

What types of products can I purchase with a medical cannabis card? 

Cannabis medicine can take a variety of forms and different product types. Below are some examples of the types of products you will see at the Wholesome Co Cannabis Pharmacy as well as some common ways they are used.

Cannabis flower

Dried and cured cannabis flower, raw and unprocessed.

Vaporized to produce immediate effects or cooked into edibles for long-lasting full-bodied effects.

Capsules & Tablets

Ingestible formulas of cannabis made for easy dosing.

Capsules and tablets are a common way to incorporate a measured dose of cannabis and are consumed like many other medications and supplements.

Concentrated oil, waxes, and resins

Concentrated cannabis oils, waxes, and resins feature the beneficial oils of the plant in a variety of different textures and consistencies

Depending on the product, concentrated oil can be used a number of different ways. It is commonly vaporized with a medical cannabis device, ingested orally, or added to food or beverage to be eaten.

Gelatinous cubes

A soft chewable gelatin cube that is infused with a precise dose of cannabis

Simple to chew and swallow making it easy to get a regular dose of cannabis medicine.

Liquid suspension

Liquid cannabis preparations that contain the essential oils of cannabis suspended in an easy to consume liquid.

Sometimes called tinctures or drops, these products are easily dropped into the mouth, under the tongue or added to food and beverage for fast acting, full-bodied effects.

Medical cannabis device

Also called vaporizers and vape pens, these products gently warm cannabis or cannabis oil into a light vapor that is inhaled

Vaporized cannabis offers immediate effects which can vary depending on strain or the type of oil you are vaping.

Transdermal preparations

Sometimes called topicals or patches, transdermal cannabis medicine is applied to the skin for localized effects

Commonly rubbed into the skin to target localized pain throughout the body and specific symptoms of skin conditions, transdermal preparations offer patients the benefits of cannabis medicine without much of its intoxicating/impairing effects.

Utah’s medical cannabis guidelines do not permit smoking cannabis due to potential respiratory harm. If your pharmacist or doctor recommends inhaled cannabis we recommend that you use a medical cannabis device to effectively vaporize instead.

The law also prohibits candies, cookies, brownies, and other infused edible products. If edible treatments are recommended products like capsules, tablets, gelatinous cubes, and suspended liquids are great alternatives that deliver similar effects with more dosing control. 

How much cannabis can medical cannabis patients purchase and possess?

During any 28-day period, medical cannabis patients may purchase and possess up to a 30-day supply of their medications based on the dosing recommendations of their QMP. Utah’s medical cannabis guidelines define a 30-day supply as:

May I designate a caregiver to purchase cannabis for me?

Yes. Medical cannabis patients may designate up to two caregivers, who may legally purchase, transport, or assist the patient in their use of medical cannabis in a dosage form.

Parents and guardians of medical cannabis patients under the age of 18 may apply for a Medical Cannabis Guardian Card which covers them as a caregiver for their child’s medicine.

I am a medical patient visiting Utah. May I purchase and use medical cannabis?

Yes. Beginning January 1, 2021 out of state medical patients with a current and valid medical cannabis card (or the equivalent under yout home state’s medical cannabis laws) can register to purchase cannabis while visiting Utah.

Each temporary authorization is valid for 21 days, limit 2 per year.

If you are moving to Utah and have your medical cannabis card from another state you may legally possess and use medical cannabis for up to 45 days. You will not be able to purchase cannabis medicine from a medical cannabis pharmacy until you register for your Utah medical cannabis card.

You can be well-prepared for your move to Utah by making sure you have up to a 30-day supply of medical cannabis and apply for your Utah medical cannabis card within the first 45 days.

Does my Medical Cannabis Card allow me to grow cannabis at home?

No. Medical cannabis patients cannot grow cannabis at home.

Still have questions? Don’t worry! Our helpful team of qualified agents and experienced pharmacists are available to help you start your path towards health and wellness.